Los Angeles in the footsteps of Chiara Ferragni

The very influential fashion designer (11 million subscribers), and new ambassador Pomellato, makes us discover her favorite Californian spots.

My hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel
“A historic place! In this establishment have stayed the greatest Hollywood stars, such as Greta Garbo, Frank Sinatra or, more recently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I particularly like to go there in the summer to laze by the pool, while enjoying a delicious plate of French fries” !

9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills. To book the same hotel in Los Angeles as Chiara Ferragni, go to FindHotel!

My markets

Nick Metropolis
“The selection of vintage objects from this flea market is incredible, this is where I come to decorate my house. Bright signs, antique furniture, comic book heroes statuettes… Impossible to leave this joyful bazaar without having found some treasures”.

100 South La Brea Avenue.

Erewhon market
“Everything here is organic, and I walk through the shelves to compose a salad according to my desires. I also take this opportunity to stock up on seasonal food and fruit. I love to introduce my family or friends to this place when they visit me.

7660 Beverly Boulevard. www.erewhonmarket.com

Melrose Trading Post
“Located in the Fairfax district, this flea market is THE Sunday meeting place for vintage bargain hunters. There are emerging fashion labels as well as Chanel or Hermès bags, or even authentic cowboy boots. Every time I come here, I make incredible discoveries.”

7850 Melrose Avenue. www.melrosetradingpost.org

My gourmet breaks

Gratitude Coffee
“In Los Angeles, it’s very easy to eat healthy, because the city is full of bars where you can find healthy menus. This one is clearly one of my favourites, the atmosphere is peaceful, and it offers compound salads, delicious sandwiches and wraps, but also fresh juices.

639 North Larchmont Boulevard.

“A must for cupcake fans! There is a wide variety of flavours, and the menu is often renewed. My sin? Red velvet, a traditional recipe with cocoa and vanilla… A must see”!

735 South Figueroa Street

My essentials

Tree Candelabra
“The hidden jewel of Silver Lake! By decorating a more than a century old tree on his property, Adam Tenenbaum transformed the street in his neighbourhood into a magical place that fills many passers-by. The place is so romantic that every time I go there I feel like I’m in a movie. It’s almost unreal as a setting.

2811 West Silver Lake Drive.

Griffith Observatory
“Located on the south face of Mount Hollywood, this astronomical observatory offers a breathtaking view from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean. I often take my friends there because it is a unique place for me. I took some very nice pictures there”.

2800 East Observatory Road.

Staples Center
“The mandatory passage to become a pure American. You have to come to this stadium to watch a Lakers game and play the avid basketball fans by wearing the team cap. Not to mention, of course, enjoying a hot dog in the stands.

1111 South Figueroa Street.

Studio X
“Cara Delevingne, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Zoë Kravitz… All the biggest stars got tattoos by the famous artist Brian Woo, known as Dr. Woo. His private lounge is hidden in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and the session must be booked early because the waiting list is long. But it’s really worth it”!

7000 Hollywood Boulevard.

My walk

“If this big sunny coastal city offers millions of activities to test, my most beautiful discovery is horse riding in Malibu. It is a fantastic experience that allows you to be connected to nature and enjoy a magnificent landscape. When is the best time to do it? At sunset, because the play of light is breathtaking.

Why I love Los Angeles

It’s been (too) long since I’ve posted here. The routine starts again, we resume a lifestyle… and sometimes we forget to keep dreaming. Fortunately, I’m going back to Los Angeles in a month and a half ❤

I propose an article a little different from the others, simply to answer a question: Why do I love Los Angeles? Why Los Angeles and not another city? What made me fall in love with the City of Angels 10 years ago, and return there every year since? Why do I miss Los Angeles so much when I’m not there? Los Angeles, here’s my love letter to you.

Beach life & city

Why choose between the city and the beach, when you can have both? One of the great advantages of Los Angeles is that just a few kilometres away, you can find yourself on the rooftop of a building in the middle of Downtown and feel the “big city vibes” and then half an hour away, contemplate the surfers on the beach.

I have always liked big cities, but I am also very attracted by the “beach life” aspect. LA is a perfect mix of both, very precisely balanced. I particularly like the lifestyle of the cities at the beach, with this relaxed and bohemian atmosphere. But I also like to leave the beach to go to West Hollywood, and drink a cocktail in the heart of the entertainment.

People & tolerance

Certainly my favorite thing about Los Angeles: people! There, everyone smiles at you, is not afraid to give you a compliment or tell you an anecdote. I like this open-mindedness and the ability to meet people.

Tolerance is great and most people are open-minded; in Los Angeles, people are not afraid of difference, they celebrate it, it’s good to see and gives me hope for the future. Thanks to the Angelenos, you are a breath of fresh air.

The Entertainment Capital of The World

Ahh, Hollywood! This part of Los Angeles will never stop making me dream. Film studios, television, this little game of “Will I meet a celebrity today?”, Hollywood, its history and its actors.

When you walk around Los Angeles, it is very common to come across a filming, an interview, cameras capturing a unique moment. I love to think that on every street corner, something may be getting ready.

Nature & beauty

Los Angeles is full of nature and hidden treasures, and in the same city, you can go from a small heavenly beach to impressive mountains and waterfalls in the forest.

LA is far from being the “only superficial” city that some have made a name for themselves, and in just a few minutes you can leave the city and enjoy a whole day of fresh air and an incredible show.

The food

Another very important point: the kitchen! Los Angeles offers a multitude of food options and cultures. Fabulous restaurants, foodtrucks, farmers markets, entire districts dedicated to food,…

When I travel to LA, cooking represents at least 50% of my pleasure. I am always looking forward to testing new flavours, discovering new products, and simply enjoying.

Trendy everything

We’re not going to hide it from each other, I like what’s trendy! A pretty coffee shop, a cute concept store, pink walls… LA is the perfect place for anyone who likes to try out new trendy places… and set them up!

Everything is colorful, everything is fun… it adds a playful touch to the experience… For me, it’s impossible to get bored in Los Angeles. Just by walking around without a specific goal, you come across some unusual places to test!

I could go on and on for hours, but I decided to keep it short.
Los Angeles, thank you 💗